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I really loved the pads, no leaks at all even at night. The 10-day pack for day pads are actually more than enough for my cycle, but had to use more since I was scared to leak on the first day. But to my surprise, I really didn't leak at all! I am incredibly amazed with how much it works even though it's super thin. I also tried to leave it for as long as 5 hours just to see if it will leak but there was no leak padin. Really loved the products and brand itself. I'll definitely buy in bulk next time

I'm a new customer and tried your pads and can I just say, best pads ever!!! I've always used fmcg branded pads and they always felt off and gave me rashes down there. I tried using a cup but it really just doesn't work for me. But now I found an inbetween with your bradn! Something environment friendly, great for sensitive skin (like mine), and INSANELY breathable. For sure I'll never buy fmcg branded pads again. Thank you for existing!

I usually use menstrual cups but because of the recent typhoons, there are times that we don't have water. I was really surprise that I didn't get any leaks especially because of how I sit. It's really comfortable to use and the fact that it's biodegradable made me feel a lot better! I also loved how it's fragrance-free. I'll surely keep a stock of this one at home to bring while traveling, and for emergencies like water interruptions.

Talagang comfortable and no back leaks for the first time! Super amaze po ako na hindi siya gaya ng pads sa mga supermarkets na feeling plastic ang feeling kapag ginagamit. I'm really happy po that I got to try these organic pads po, will definitely recommend this to other people and as well as to my friends

Super glad I switched to Nala pads. I was excited to try the Starter kit and it arrived just in time I had my period. I usually have these horrible cramps and the sanitary napkin brand I used before makes it even more uncomfortable because of the plastic material. I love how breathable, soft (almost pillowy-like!) and affordable your sanitary pads are. Thank you <3

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