• Open image in slideshow, Nala Biodegradable Pads Duo Kit
  • Open image in slideshow, Nala Biodegradable Pads Duo Kit

Nala Biodegradable Pads Duo Kit

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 This bundle comes with 1 Nala Day Pads Box and 1 Nala Night Pads Box


Benefits of NALA Products: Make the switch today!

1. All NALA products are made with NALA GOTS-certified Organic cotton, and are anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and leak protection.

2. NALA Pads are certified non-toxic. Traditional pads (other brands in the Philippines) are made with artificial fibers such as Rayon and are exposed to toxic chemicals that lead to long-term irritation and other vaginal health problems. Your body deserves better! 

3. Traditional pads take 500-800 years to biodegrade. NALA pads take only 3 to 5 years! 

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Check out our Flowchart for our recommendations guide that follows your Menses Phase :)

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